Select your Stone Color

Beyond the beauty and durability of stone is the intriguing story of each stone's origin. Granite Tops' granite, marble, limestone, onyx and other natural stone comes from all corners of the world. India, South America, Canada, China, Europe and from quarries throughout the United States, each stone has a history, a distinctive story to tell and very well may have traveled many thousands of miles.

Selecting the stone color for your new countertops is the process people generally enjoy most.  Granite-Tops offers thousands of slabs and hundreds of color including a full range of quartz surfaces and sustainable products.  

Because there is such great variance in natural stone colors and pattern, it is important, and often required, that you select the exact natural stone slab that will be used in your new countertops. When you visit one of our "Stone Countertop Outlet" slab selection centers, our Stone Specialists will provide you the assistance and answers that will help guide you through the selection process.  Our Stone Specialists come from the design and building trade and will be able to assist you in finding the perfect color for your project. 

Quartz, on the other hand, generally has a consistent color and pattern so you won't necessarily need to select your exact slab. We would encourage that you view a sample prior to ordering your color to ensure it is exactly the color and pattern you want.  Quartz surfaces are engineered (man-made) and are composed of 93% quartz. It offers the beauty and durability that stone lovers desire. 

We invite you to visit one of our Stone Countertop Outlet locations to take a closer look at the stone selections we offer or view our current inventory of slabs online.